Palliative Care


For more information about the services shown below, please contact Program Coordinator Kathy Hankinson Tel: 250-495-1590 ext. 103 or email:

Client & Caregiver Support

Hospice volunteers offer practical support, emotional support and companionship for the journey. Living and dying are hard. Whether you are a client or a caregiver, family or friend, our volunteers can help support you, in-person or with a phone call.

Hospital and Facility Visits

Whether it is at home, in the hospital, or in a long-term care facility such as McKinney Place, Sunnybank or Mariposa Gardens, our volunteers may read to the client, listen to their concerns, share mutual interests, or simply provide a silent presence. Volunteers provide both practical and emotional support for Palliative and Dementia Care clients, their families, and friends.

In-home Relief Visits

Volunteers provide family and primary caregivers with a brief respite from their caregiving responsibilities, usually 2-4 hours in length. This gives caregivers an opportunity to take a short break for activities such as a walk, trip to the store, dental appointment, haircut, or coffee with a friend. Social activity can provide the necessary downtime to re-energize a caregiver. Remember, caregivers require support too!

Palliative Massage

Palliative massage is a gentle form of massage and support for the body, mind and soul. It can reduce symptoms of pain, stress, anxiety and depression, and enhance comfort, connection, and quality of life. Hospice volunteers, who are specially trained in palliative massage, provide this complimentary free service to our clients. Gentle massage is provided in hospital, long-term facilities, in-home, or in-office, depending on the needs of the client.


You may request, even on short notice, a Hospice Volunteer to provide in-person support for a client during their final hours. Volunteers are also available to provide support to family members during this difficult time.


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