The Hospice Movement

the hospice movement    (What is Hospice ?   30 MIN VIDEO)

You matter because of who you are.
You matter to the last moment of your life,
and we will do all we can,
not only to help you die peacefully,
but also to live until you die.

                                                                                           Dame Cicely Saunders 
                                                           Founder of the Modern Hospice Movement

Historically a hospice was a place where travellers could rest and relax before continuing on their journey.

Today the international hospice movement provides palliative and comfort care to individuals living with a terminal or life-limiting illness, and support to their loved ones.

The focus is on caring rather than curing.  

Many people think that a hospice is a temporary care facility for those nearing end-of-life. In fact, the majority of hospice societies do not operate hospice homes or hospice beds at all, spending their time instead offering end-of-life support through volunteer programs, advocacy, and education initiatives. 

End-of-life support can include grief and bereavement support, palliative support, wellness check-in calls, dementia and Alzheimer’s support, advance care planning, companionship, caregiver support, and sitting vigils. Support can occur in individuals’ homes, long-term care facilities, hospitals, or in our Supportive Care Centre.

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